Issue 5 | 2021 Editorial

  06.08.2021 Magazine

It is no secret that hotels and restaurants in the Saanenland are amongst the best. They regularly make it into the headlines of national and international titles.

Every establishment in the Saanenland, in particular when they move in the upper echelons of their trade, has to live up to the region's reputation. The good results year after year are the achievement of each establishment, their owners, their general managers, and their teams.

But the hotels also share common interests and there has always been some collaboration, mostly within the the Hotelierverein Gstaad-Saanenland. Major projects include the Gstaad Laundry and the digital platform

Another joint venture within the hotel and gastronomy scene of the region has now attracted some attention and has been nominated for a prize. The IG Hotels Gstaad Saanenland was selected by the jury of the Prix Montagne as a sustainable project that brings additional value to the whole region.

The jury highlights the general values of the project, which aim at sustainable long-term improvements for the businesses inside the project as well as their partners in the region. Sounds like an example to follow.

Best regards,

Dr Markus Iseli
Publishing Director

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