Retaining wall under construction

Thu, 01. Jul. 2021

Five years ago, construction measures to increase visibility at the junction from Saanenmöser village to the cantonal road were approved. Finally, they will be implemented.

For drivers coming from the train station or the cable car in Saanenmöser onto the cantonal road, visibility in the direction of Zweisimmen is insufficient. Turning left toward Saanen when there is a high volume of traffic can therefore be cumbersome. This problem had been detected long ago, very long ago.

On 23 November 2009, the municipal council approved a preliminary project with a planning credit of CHF 65,000. Later, at the request of the infrastructure commission, the municipal council approved an investment credit of CHF 295,000. Since this decision was subject to an optional referendum, the corresponding files were made available at the municipal administration. A little more than five years ago, on 24 May 2016, the municipality announced that no referendum had been lodged against the project, making the decision of the municipal council legally binding. Now, five years later, implementation has begun.

Starting from Bahnhofstrasse in the direction of Zweisimmen, the existing retaining wall will be moved back over a length of about 35 metres. This should improve visibility when turning onto the main road. In order to be able to carry out the work, the traffic will be restricted to one lane. Obstructions are to be expected until 16 July.

Delay with a reason
The fact that the implementation of these measures, which at first glance do not seem so extensive, took so long, has to do with the fact that the construction of the retaining wall is taking place in close coordination with the construction of a new apartment building on the same plot. This new construction has now progressed sufficiently for the retaining wall along the cantonal road to be built in coordination with the construction and environmental work that is still pending for the apartment building.




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Wait, can this be the last editorial of this summer? Must be because of the relativity thing. Relativity of time – a wonderful concept to toy around with. Not as a theoretical physicist, way too complicated. No, I mean as a layman.