Gstaad’s hotel industry shines bright

Tue, 20. Jul. 2021

Author and hotel tester Karl Wild asked himself the question for the 25th time: “Where are the brightest hotel stars?” Saanenland has reason to be proud – nine hotels are among the top 100 hotels in Switzerland.

“The year 2020 was a year of terror for the Swiss hotel industry, indeed for tourism in general,” is how expert Wild sums it up. The number of hotel overnight stays had slipped down to the level of 1950 and had reached a historic low. But in contrast to the city hotels, the holiday hotels could rely on numerous Swiss guests.

The top hotels in the Saanenland
The book The 100 Best Hotels in Switzerland 2021/22 divides the country’s hotel landscape into the categories of holiday hotels, nice-price holiday hotels, wellness hotels, city hotels, family hotels and trouvailles.

Wild chose the Gstaad Palace as the best holiday hotel in the region (rank 7, previous year rank 6), followed by The Alpina Gstaad (as in the previous year rank 8). While Le Grand Bellevue Gstaad again secured ninth place, the Park Gstaad (19th place last year) was eliminated from the ranking.

As a nice-price holiday hotel, Hotel Spitzhorn, Saanen, once again shines in fourth place. The Romantik Hotel Hornberg, Saanenmöser (rank 15), and the Huus Gstaad, Saanen (rank 17), swaped places. New this year, the Boutique Hotel Alpenrose, Schönried, was included in the category and ranks on 23rd place.

The Ermitage Wellness- & Spa-Hotel, Schönried (rank 9, previous year rank 7) is the only hotel of the region in the category of wellness hotels. Hotel Olden, Gstaad, as well as Hotel Valrose, Rougemont find a mention in the category trouvailles.




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