27.07.2021 Arts & Culture

This summer ENHAUT is hosting two concurrent art exhibitions in Château-d’Oex: WARKA-RENAISSANCE by Lara-Scarlett Gervais and NOMADE by Frédéric Ansermet.


ENHAUT is a multicultural project founded by Sarah Bouchard to promote the connection between contemporary art and nature. By contributing to the protection of nature and the preservation of cultural heritage, it aims to highlight the importance of man’s relationship with the environment.

WARKA is an exhibition of 24 photographs that highlights the richness of the world’s ancient archaeological heritage in Iraq and Syria. Time is on hold; Lara-Scarlett’s pictures illustrate an unfiltered reality, looking at life beyond the images. Her work explores the destruction, reconstruction and rebirth from chaos and exposes the fragility and importance of each person’s cultural heritage.

Among the photographs on display are a portrait of the Lady of Warka, one of the oldest in the world and sometimes called the Mona Lisa of Uruk, and the Church of the Resurrection of Bakhdida. These are exhibited alongside other monuments and artifacts little known to the general public. This exhibition addresses the Sumerian art born in Mesopotamia, located essentially in present-day Iraq. It is in this context that the Louvre museum is also supporting the exhibition through the display of a video Walk in the Mesopotamian Collections, as presented by Ariane Thomas, director of the Department of Oriental Antiquities and curator for collections relating to the civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia.

After studying archaeology at the Sorbonne and at the Ecole du Louvre, Lara-Scarlett travelled the globe, capturing experiences and sharing encounters with people. She regularly exhibits her photographic work while continuing to develop Héritage & Civilization, a project for the preservation and transmission of heritage, supported by UNESCO.

In his NOMADE exhibition comprising 23 sculptures, Frédéric Ansermet invites us to question our use of resources and materials in a world dominated by technology and globalisation.

The exhibition begins outside with Les Grands Nomades, sculptures fashioned from pieces of wood recovered from the forest of Fontainebleau, south of Paris. By using recycled materials in this way, the artist questions how we view waste in our society, the footprint of man and the way in which we recycle our environment.

Ansermet’s work is the fruit of complex research, exposing the attachment that binds people to a territory. He questions the impact we inflict on our environment, asks how we change it and considers the impact of population displacement on the human condition. The stillness of the sculptures reminds us of man’s need to take root and tap into our environment.

Since graduating in fine arts, Ansermet has worked as artistic director on many projects, with ‘raw’ nature, untransformed, as his central theme.

Children’s workshops
In line with its vision to be accessible to as many people as possible, ENHAUT is also hosting guided art workshops for children aged 4 – 14. These offer age-appropriate activities exploring the exhibitions’ themes and the studied artists. Workshops run daily from 10 – 11am and 4.30 – 5.30pm or by special request. Price: CHF 50 (all materials provided).


WARKA-RENAISSANCE and NOMADE run daily from 18 June – 31 August 2021, 9.30am – 6pm.

Location: Former MOB electrical factory, Route de la Ray 83, 1660 Château-d’Oex.

Email: sarah@enhaut.art
Phone: 0798574488.

The photographs and the sculptures are available for sale.

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