Vaccination truck in the region

Tue, 01. Jun. 2021
The vaccination truck at its location in Saanen (Photograph: Blanca Burri)

Vaccinations have been taking place on Bahnhofplatz in Saanen since Monday.

The vaccination truck is on Bahnhofplatz Ost. A total of 1500 vaccine doses are ready. Vaccinations took place from Monday to Wednesday. The first two days are already fully booked.

There were still 120 free places at the time of going to press. "Those who decide at short notice can still register electronically via the municipality's website," says Andreas Zoppas, head of safety. Walk-ins are not possible. Zoppas: "Electronic registration is mandatory."

The municipality has lobbied at the canton for the vaccination truck. "We think it's a good thing," says the president of the municipality Toni von Grünigen. At first, the canton wanted to make the vaccination truck available for two days. "But because we thought there would be a high demand, we decided to make it available for three days," says von Grünigen.

The current figures show that this decision was the right one. Zoppas praises the cooperation with the canton and hopes that the remaining 120 vaccination appointments will also be booked.

Based on AvS/Blanca Burri




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