Vaccination certificates

  11.06.2021 Local News

In the Vacme application, around 550,000 people registered people have given their consent to receive a vaccination certificate after the second vaccination. Of these people, around 250,000 have now been fully vaccinated and have automatically received their vaccination certificate since yesterday, Thursday 10 June.

Link via text message
Fully vaccinated people receive a text message with a link with which they can log into the Vacme application. This takes them directly to their personal vaccination certificate in the form of a PDF or for the mobile application of the FOPH. If several people have been registered via the same mobile phone number (e.g. mother, grandfather), several texts will be sent.

People who subsequently decide to use the certificate register in Vacme (login) and proceed in the same way as for the reservation of vaccination appointments. On the very first page, the user can choose if they want their data to be transmitted to the FOPH for the creation of the certificate. The subsequent process starts – as mentioned above – again with a text.

The procedures for creating the certificates for those who have recovered and those who have been tested are still being finalised by the Confederation and the cantons. The procedure for issuing certificates for people who have registered for vaccination by telephone is also being worked out with the agencies involved.

Based on AvS/Anita Moser

The latest information on vaccination certificates can always be found on the GSI homepage:

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