Issue 3 | 2021 Editorial

Fri, 25. Jun. 2021
Cover page with Antonia Crespi and Elizabeth Aisher Crespi, who talked to GstaadLife about running Tarmak 22 as a mother-daughter team

Will it...? Is it going to...? When can we...? Those are the cautious questions people ask themselves, each other and the universe these days. Apart from the obvious caution, there is an acute sense of hope that resonates every time people dare think about all the things they wish to return.

What can go wrong?, the optimist in me argues almost convincingly: every day more people receive their jab, the numbers of new cases are on a steady decline, corona measures in public spaces and during events seem to be doing their job, etc.

I try to enjoy the optimistic outlook whilst letting caution guide some of my steps. (No need to get lightheaded at this point.) This issue of GstaadLife seems to represent just this.

The corona pandemic does crop up here and there, but overall there are plenty of other topics that we should care about. Everybody is pleased that two of our major summer sports events are going to take place. The Menuhin Festival is getting ready to entertain us, and the art world is offering some gems (don’t miss the profile interview in this issue!).

It may not be your old normal summer, but the prospects are looking good, don’t you think?!

Best regards,

Dr. Markus Iseli
Publishing Director



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Issue 6 | 2021

Wait, can this be the last editorial of this summer? Must be because of the relativity thing. Relativity of time – a wonderful concept to toy around with. Not as a theoretical physicist, way too complicated. No, I mean as a layman.