Grocery shopping after the lockdowns

  29.06.2021 Local News

Home delivery for grocery items boomed during lockdown. It is a trend that continues, although people also appreciate visiting the shops.

Especially during the first lockdown, the demand for home delivery was exceptionally high. In the meantime, the telephone rush in the village shops has subsided and the number of online and telephone orders is similar to previous years, says Peter Beetschen of Peter’s Cheslade in Gsteig.

In contrast, the Coop cooperative is happy about the still high level of online purchases. A mother of three from the Saanenland who already made regular use of the service before the pandemic explains the trend as follows: “It’s very convenient, because I like to use the delivery service for bulk purchases and canned goods. Then I specifically buy rice, noodles or potatoes in stock.” Thus, she is spared the hassle of carrying heavy bags.

The latest media release from GfK, a consultant for the global consumer goods industry, confirms the trend. According to the study, about two-thirds of the consumers surveyed said they had shopped online in the past week. One third would like to use home delivery more intensively in the future. In comparison, however, the physical experience is gaining in importance again. The above-mentioned customer confirms this thesis. She enjoys the short conversations between the shelves or in the car park. While she also used the delivery service of local village shops during the lockdowns, she now prefers to buy fresh produce locally again. “Often, vegetables or fruit that are not on my shopping list appeal to me. That makes for variety,” says the customer.


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