First Gstaad Trail Keeper Day

  14.06.2021 Sports & Leisure

Mountain bikers and hikers in the region are aware that they share responsibility for hiking trails through their use. Requests from interested people to help maintain the beautiful hiking trails in good condition come in regularly. At the beginning of June, it was finally possible to hold the first Trail Keeper Day in compliance with the applicable precautionary measures.

On the Rellerli, the existing trail from the former mountain station via Gspan in the direction of Schönried was spruced up for the summer by twelve volunteers. This time all participants were mountain bikers, aged between 30 and 63 years. After the intense winter and the rainy spring, the erosion caused by the water was quite extensive.

The participants chopped, shovelled and picked all day to repair the damage and improve the trail system where possible. Of course, the one or other shoptalk and discussion was not to be neglected.

Thanks to the excellent preparation by the Lochstafel team and the Buure Metzg, Philipp Bigler prepared the simple but tasty lunch in the open air directly on site at Alp Gspan.

All participants agreed that the first Trail Keeper Day was a great success and should be held again soon in this or a similar form.

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