Le Rosey advises Le Régent

Mon, 19. Apr. 2021

Le Rosey advises the new private school Le Régent in Crans-Montana and shows interest in taking over the school in Valais.

Six years ago, the new public school Le Régent, owned by the municipality and private investors, opened in the winter sports resort of Crans-Montana. The aim was to make the mountain village attractive for international guests and attract new residents.

The boarding school consists of three buildings and is designed for 300 pupils. It provides space for 180 external pupils and 120 boarders. Children are admitted from three and receive an education that culminates in the Baccalaureate.

Advisory mission
The start in 2015 was not easy. Although Le Régent has state-of-the-art equipment, the English orientation was not well received. Parents and children missed outdoor activities and a place at Le Régent that allowed them to be outside. The school was losing money initially, and the project was in danger of failing until the initiators approached the renowned private school Le Rosey. They looked for an advisor and mentor in Le Rosey. "I am happy to pass on our knowledge," says Philippe Gudin, co-owner and senior director of Le Rosey.

Uniqueness is important
The three-year consultancy assignment started in September 2019. Since then, many of Philippe Gudin's ideas have been implemented at Le Régent. He emphasises: "I don't want to turn Le Régent into another Le Rosey." Rather, he has sought the school's uniqueness and is now focusing on this: "Truly Swiss – truly international."

This slogan expresses the basic idea of the school. Children from 30 nations learn Swiss values such as punctuality, commitment and fun in games and sports. The modern buildings and equipment allow classes at the highest technical level. The school combines this with attractive outdoor sports. "In winter, it's skiing, and in summer, it's golfing," Gudin laughs. He knows the importance of a healthy and athletic body to mental health and performance.

Director from Rosey squad
Headmaster Rob Gray, who was headmaster at Le Rosey for many years, implements the playful, dynamic school ambience and implements the "Truly Swiss – truly international" values that are responsible for the school's recent success. For example, a large part of the car park was redesigned in favour of an outdoor sports field.

Since Le Rosey has been working in an advisory capacity at Crans-Montana, the deficit has been reduced by several million francs. A black zero is expected in 2021. The consulting contract expires in mid-2022, but Philippe Gudin would like to continue the cooperation or even go a step further. "We are in negotiations with the owners to take over the operation of the school entirely." The buildings and all infrastructure would remain with the current owners.

Based on AvS/Blanca Burri

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