The days of Doug Aitken’s mirror sculpture are numbered!

Fri, 09. Apr. 2021

After two years, Mirage Gstaad in Gruben will be dismantled this week. If a new location can be found, there will be an extension for a maximum of two more years.

The mirror house Mirage Gstaad by the American artist Doug Aitken is a project within Elevation 1049. The mirrored sculpture in Gruben has experienced a real run over the past two years. The installation has become a destination for art lovers from all over the world, young, old and families. Children, in particular, have enjoyed the mirrored walls and ceilings.

In the Corona year, the art project also attracted many visitors to the Saanenland. "It is unbelievable and impressive what kind of demand the Mirage Gstaad has triggered," says tourism director Flurin Riedi. Not everyone shares the joy; for the residents, the streams of visitors were sometimes an imposition because not all of them adhered to the instructions and rules. But all in all, Riedi draws a positive balance for the destination.

Priceless advertising
Elevation 1049, a Luma Foundation project founded by Maja Hoffmann in 2010, is priceless advertising for the destination, Riedi emphasises. "It shows what an attraction point like this can do. It's the best marketing for our region." That's why the theme of art/culture is a major point in the destination strategy.

New location sought
Now the days of the mirror house are numbered. "The fact is: the art project will be dismantled as of this week," explains Riedi. At the same time, however, a new location is being sought. Mirage Gstaad would then become part of Elevation 2022, but a new site would again be limited to two years. "The mirror house is a sculpture that is built solidly, but not for years or decades," explains the tourism director.

"We hope to be able to inform the public in May whether and where Mirage Gstaad can be put up again," explains Riedi.

Based on AvS/Anita Moser

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