Winter comeback

Tue, 16. Mar. 2021
Topped with a white crown (Photograph: Anja Moosmann)

After the spring-like beginning of March, winter returned with full force over the weekend. Storm Luis, centred over the North Sea and sweeping across Switzerland at speeds of over 100km/h, was followed by heavy snow on Sunday. By Monday morning, for example, around 100cm of fresh snow had fallen on the Tsanfleuron glacier (2569m) and over 80cm on the Obere Meiel (2097m). The village of Gstaad is covered in deep snow (see photo), and a few flakes have also fallen in the lowlands. According to Meteo Schweiz, snow will continue to fall until at least Thursday.

Plants and animals have already adapted to the warm spring weather. The current return of winter posess difficulties for many animals and birds, which will find it hard to find sufficient food. More than ever, it is important to respect wildlife sanctuaries and avoid skiing through forests, as many animals are already pregnant and should avoid unnecessary energy consumption. Squirrels and birds are now very grateful for extended winter feeding.

Based on AvS/Anja Mossmann/Bert Inäbnit




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