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Tue, 05. Jan. 2021

Weltwoche, La Repubblica and Les Echos: Press & Books in Gstaad has a shelf of around 30 daily newspapers from around the globe on offer. Some of them unfortunately arrive a day late.

The Valora Group, which includes P&B outlets, confirms this and refers to its supplier 7Days Media. The latter is a leading press wholesaler. Unlike Gstaad, which receives press deliveries from a distribution centre in Zollikofen, the independent kiosk in Château-d’Oex receives daily newspapers on time from the 7Days Media distribution centre in Lausanne. Why that difference?

Mikaël Esteban, corporate development employee at 7Days Media, confirms that the location of the distribution centre makes a difference: Château-d’Oex is located in the target market of western Switzerland. He explains that in their portfolio for the French-speaking areas of Switzerland French-language titles are much more relevant. Hence suppliers and publishers in French-speaking Switzerland prioritise early delivery to avoid the situation we have in Gstaad.

In other words, the punctual delivery of all daily newspapers depends on whether 7Days Media is supplied on time by the publishers. And because some Italian-, Frenchand Spanish-language newspapers arrive late at 7Days Media in Zollikofen, they don’t make it on time to Gstaad either. Esteban: “ Newspapers that arrive after the delivery window cannot be processed for same-day delivery to our retail customers, Photograph: Nadine Hager since this would cause delays for the other magazines and newspapers.” In our case, this delivery window for publishers is further limited by the long distance between Zollikofen and Gstaad.

7Days Media sees no option to change the current situation at the kiosk in Gstaad, unless the publishers do their share: “As long as the publishers do not deliver their goods earlier, the situation for Press & Book in Gstaad will not improve.”




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