Zweisimmen hospital and institutions react to spread of coronavirus

  10.11.2020 Coronavirus

Infections in institutions and nursing homes
With the current spread of the coronavirus, infections are possible despite comprehensive protective measures. The Institution Bergquelle informed in a press release about a corona infections in a residential home belonging to the institution. Following the first symptoms of Covid-19 in a resident ten days ago, the local doctor and the cantonal doctor were informed. The prescribed measures were taken immediately. The residents and all the staff of the affected residence underwent a test.

In contrast to the residents, the employees are for the most part not infected with the virus due to the consistently implemented protection concept. To ensure early detection, the known Covid-19 symptoms of all clients and employees in the other residence and in the workshop are checked and documented on a daily basis. In this way it is hoped that the virus can be contained and the chain of infection interrupted.

According to André Streit, managing director of Alterswohnen STS AG, there has been no infection among the residents in the facilities belonging to Alterswohnen STS AG. However, they are prepared should this situation change and can implement their protection concept in case of infection.

Additional capacities in Zweisimmen hospital
Since last week, Covid-19 patients have also been hospitalised in Zweisimmen Hospital. Until then, all Covid-19 in-patients in the region had been admitted to Thun Hospital.

The density of tests is similar to that of the week before, but according to voices from the population, there were still waiting times. "Sometimes people come to the appointment too early and then have to wait for their appointment," explains Marie-Anne Perrot, head of communication and marketing at STS AG. It also happens that people do not show up at all at the agreed appointment. This is of course very annoying in view of the high demand.

"By using the drive-in test centre in Thun, waiting times can be avoided," informs Perrot: "It has now been in operation for a week and everything works perfectly".

Based on AvS/Jenny Sterchi

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