Lauenen again has two women on the municipal council

  24.11.2020 Local News

While other local authorities have decided to dispense with municipal assemblies and to put the agenda items to the vote at the ballot box, the municipality of Lauenen maintained the physical assembly. The reason for this was the elections and the electoral system. "It was important to us that the candidates were able to express themselves personally," explained Jörg Trachsel, president of the municipality, at the beginning of the meeting. The authorities made every effort to ensure that the guidelines of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) were strictly adhered to: Disinfecting hands, wearing a mask, keeping distance, registration and seating arrangements.

Two more women on the council
Fourteen people, five women and nine men, were nominated for the four vacant seats. Five of the nominees asked not to be elected for personal and/or professional reasons. The 98 voters present – representing 17 percent of the voters – respected this. Claudia Ryter, Daniela Addor-Addor, Andreas Reichenbach-Brand and Kurt von Siebenthal-Reichenbach were elected. The first term of office for the four newly elected members begins on 1 January 2021, and the distribution of responsibilities within the municipal council takes place at the beginning of the year.

Budget with expenditure surplus
Without any dissenting votes, the sovereign approved the 2021 budget explained by municipal administrator Hansueli Perreten, which anticipates an expenditure surplus of CHF 115,100. The budget is based on an unchanged tax base of 1.7 units and unchanged fee rates. The mouse-catching fee will be increased by CHF 0.5 to CHF 1.50.

Renovation of Chämelistrasse footpath
The Chämelistrasse pavement is no longer in a satisfactory condition, explained municipal councilor Bruno Ryter. In order to keep the maintanence costs within reasonable limits, and at the request of a number of initiators and road users, the originally planned green strip between the road and the footpath will not be realised. The footpath will be paved from the junction of the main road to the milk collection point and will be separated from the Chämelistrasse by paving slabs. The commitment credit of CHF 68,000 requested by the municipal council was approved without any request to speak.

Contribution to Hintersee road cooperative
The meeting also approved without discussion the CHF 175,000 credit commitment to the Hintersee road cooperative for the rehabilitation of Hinterseestrasse and Weerebrücke and to the cooperative reorganization. The Weggenossenschaft expects total costs of CHF 0.5m. The federal government and the canton had promised to contribute half of this. In accordance with its road and path regulations, the municipality will contribute a maximum of 70 percent of the remaining CHF 250,000, which corresponds to the approved CHF 175,000.

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