Better summer season than expected

  09.11.2020 Business

The past summer season was under a bad omen due to the pandemic. As a precautionary measure, Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad AG (BDG) budgeted only 30 percent of average sales. Fortunately, the opposite was true. "We achieved a slightly better summer result than in the previous year, although that was already a good one," says Matthias In-Albon, CEO of BDG. Many Swiss guests took advantage of the summer weather and visited the mountains. The autumn, on the other hand, had a dampening effect. Rainy weather, snow that had already fallen down to the valley and the lack of international guests had a negative impact on the use of the cable cars. But all in all, BDG draws a positive balance.

Extended autumn season
As provided for in its destination strategy, BDG extended the autumn season on a trial basis. At weekends, it recorded good figures on the Wispilen, Rinderberg and Hornberg lifts. Unfortunately, things remained very quiet during the week. "On one day we counted only 25 guests in total." It is uncertain whether the BDG will continue the pilot project next year.

Glacier 3000 draws a positive balance
"The summer of 2020 was the summer of challenges for Glacier 3000," the company writes in its press release of late September. The international clientele usually accounts for almost 50 percent of annual sales. The coronavirus crisis and the closed borders had a strong impact on visitor numbers. "Thanks to numerous advertising campaigns for the Swiss market, however, the summer balance is positive," summarises Bernhard Tschannen, CEO of Glacier 3000. "Today we are satisfied with the result, as we were able to increase the number of Swiss guests by 50 percent," he explains.

Wasserngrat open longer

The Wasserngrat already opened on 9 July, three weeks earlier than usual. Lift manager Hans-Ruedi Steiner explains the decision with the Swiss guests who chose alternative destinations due to travel restrictions. His calculation worked out: "We are positively surprised about the result.". Many Swiss people rediscovered hiking and the good weather helped. The hike to Lenk or vice versa was particularly popular.

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