Adventure trails to be ready next summer

Tue, 03. Nov. 2020

Construction of the two adventure trails, which are part of the larger concept of Saaniland, can begin.

"Saani's Sound Experience" and "Saani's Mountain Experience" are the two trails between Gstaad-Saanen and Schönried-Saanenmöser, which will delight families from 2021. A total of 35 adventure stations will be installed along these routes – children can use them to learn about sounds and train their coordination. The approval procedure for Saani's adventure trails is now complete and the construction phase is about to begin.

Current statusConstruction of the individual stations will begin soon. However, detailed planning is still necessary: "At the moment we are busy planning the specifics of the adventure stations," explains Michel Zysset, project manager at Gstaad Saanenland Tourism (GST). "It's all about where exactly we position the stations at the defined locations." At the same time, the maintenance concept is currently being worked out: It contains criteria for carrying out regular safety checks.

Ready soon
The foundations of the playground equipment must be ready before the first snow falls. Work will also continue over winter, though: over the next few months the playground equipment will be manufactured, illustrations will be designed, and the signage panels will be finalised.

Final effort before spring
As soon as the last snow will have melted in spring, the time window opens up for the installation of the playground equipment. This important step will be done within a few weeks. The opening of the adventure trails is scheduled for early summer 2021.

Based on AvS/Nadine Hager


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