Stricter measures against the coronavirus

Mon, 19. Oct. 2020

In view of the dramatic increase in the number of Corona cases, the cantonal government has decided last Friday to limit the maximum number of visitors in bars and clubs from 300 to 100 guests. The federal council decided yesterday to tighten measures across Switzerland.

First the cantonal government discussed the corona situation at an extraordinary meeting on Friday, the federal council followed on Sunday. Members of both meetings classified the development of the pandemic as dramatic. Even in the canton of Berne, which has so far recorded below-average values compared with the rest of Switzerland, the number of infections has risen sharply over the last week with the number of cases doubling every five days – this despite the cantonal measure to wear masks in all publicly accessible buildings. The number of hospitalisations has also risen sharply across Switzerland. Hospitals in the cantons Schwyz and Wallis are concerned that their capacities will soon reach their limits.

Latest national measures

  • Masks must be worn in public transport as well as platforms, waiting areas, train stations and other access areas to public transport.
  • Masks must be worn in all public indoor areas all across Switzerland. The list includes shops, malls, museums, libraries, cinemas, concert venues, entrances and changing rooms of fitness studios or swimming pools, etc. Training areas are exempt from this rule.
  • Since infections in private settings have significantly increased, private events also face restrictions. At private events with more than 15 people no standing reception is possible and persons who get up must wear a mask. Private events exceeding 100 participants require a safety concept.
  • Spontaneous public gatherings are limited to a maximum of 15 people. This measure aims at preventing that private events will be held outdoors to avoid the new rules.
  • Visitors in restaurants, bars and similar venues must be seated when they eat and drink. This applies to indoor and outdoor areas.

Markus Iseli

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