Petition "Smiley" handed over to municipality of Saanen

Mon, 26. Oct. 2020

On 21 October, in the presence of various families, the "Smiley" petition with 350 signatures was officially submitted to the municipality of Saanen.

This petition is about the municipality of Saanen taking a closer look at the application for a dialogue display with a smiley on the Schönried village thoroughfare. The petitioners argue with the dangerous way to school, the straight road and tricky passages such as in front of the dairy. They hope that the Smiley display, which indicates to drivers whether they are within the speed limit, will help them to keep to the 50km/h and help them drive more attentively through the village of Schönried.

Toni von Grünigen, president of the municipality, and Thomas Bollmann, administrative director of the municipality of Saanen, are pleased when the citizens get involved and promised to deal with the dossier quickly. Depending on the response, the request will then still have to be dealt with by the canton of Bern, as the road concerned is a cantonal road.

Based on AvS/Erich Käser


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