"A historic day!"

Fri, 02. Oct. 2020

On 22 and 23 September, the inhabitants of the Stiftung Alpenruhe moved into the new building. Old familiar rooms were left to move into new ones. With the help of the caretakers and the civil defence, the move went smoothly.

"This is a historic day," said Samuel Perreten, who coordinated and supervised the move in his capacity as technical manager at Alpenruhe. Since the person with all their sensitivities is at the centre of everything they do, Perreten designed several possible move plans in order to be able to fall back on a different procedure depending on the challenges that may arise spontaneously. He stated that the move had largely gone according to plan. Residents who had shown difficulty with the move were given the opportunity to go on an excursion that day. About two thirds of the residents were not present for the move according to Markus Kindler, head of the institution.

Brighter, more modern, more spacious

The new building appears bright, modern and spacious. The majority of residents like their new rooms. For many of them the move also means an increase in space. But not for everyone. One resident, who was just about to move into her new room, regretted that the new room was only about half as big as her old one, but: "The windows are very large, I really like the view!” Then she pondered for a while before considering that she had not danced around in her old room either, although it would have provided enough space.

The civil defence organisation Saanen Plus was on site and helped to move things that the residents could not transport themselves. They appreciated the assignment because it was "a meaningful mission", as one of them said, and a colleague admitted that helping other people was a very satisfying task.

Based on AvS/Kerem S. Maurer



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