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  21.12.2022 Readers Photos

The early bird catches the worm.

That’s the motto of our photographer from this month's issue of “The Picture”. This picture was taken in the early hours, right before the sun rose. The angle is right below Schönried, where you probably have the best landscape view over Saanenland. From here, you can see the distinctive mountains that define the Saanenland-landscape the most, such as the Oldenhorn, Gummfluh and the Rüblihorn.

The photograph was taken with what is called “long exposure”, which means the sensor of the camera is exposed over a longer amount of time than usual. In a normal picture, the sensor is exposed to less than 1/100 of a second of light. In this image, the sensor was exposed for over 40 seconds. That’s why you can only see the taillights of the bypassing train

Picutre by Sven Pieren

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