Kiosk closure causes outrage

  27.08.2020 Local News

The kiosk at the Gstaad train station is closed until further notice due to the corona pandemic. This has met with strong reactions from guests and locals alike.

From one day to the next and precisely at the start of the season, Valora Management AG closed the doors of the Press & Books shop in Gstaad on 20 July. The reason given for the closure was the “official orders to curb the spread of the coronavirus”. These had led to severe frequency and sales losses at Valora’s locations throughout Switzerland. As a result, various branches have been and will continue to be temporarily closed or their opening hours reduced.

“An impertinence”
This decision is met with indignation by locals, hotel owners, chalet guests and tourists alike. “It is an impertinence to close the kiosk in the middle of the high season,” says someone who does not want to be named. “Gstaad is an international holiday destination. People travelling by train can’t even buy a newspaper, an ice-cream or refreshments, that’s not normal”, says someone else. The fact that there was no public notice ahead of the closure is particularly badly received.

The MOB has reacted and now offers ice cream at their counter.

Until further notice…
Whether and when the Press & Books branch in Gstaad will reopen depends on how customer frequencies develop. “We will be watching this closely and hope that the Press & Books shop in Gstaad will be back in operation as soon as possible,” writes Martin Zehnder, Valora’s communications officer, in response to a request. He assures that a solution has been found with the press wholesaler 7Days Media to ensure the supply of newspapers and magazines. This service is unlikely to benefit all customers, as many chalet guests can only purchase their special magazines and newspapers from around the world with great difficulties.



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