Issue 6|2020 Editorial

  21.08.2020 Magazine

It has been a very special summer. For once, we had to publish more cancellations of events than previews. At the beginning it almost felt as if Gstaad was bereaved of a part of its summer DNA.

Nevertheless, the Promenade has often been crowded and there has been no shortage of visitors who enjoyed the great outdoors of the Saanenland instead of sports events and cultural highlights.

It has not been a summer completely without cultural hightlights, though. The Menuhin Festival organised pop-up concerts, streaming them online in addition to the live attendance of a reduced audience. We are very pleased to present an interview with Sol Gabetta in this issue.

Art has also attracted visitors in various galleries, not least Maddox in the Promenade, who decided to go ahead with a major exhibit despite the current situation. At Tarmak 22 there have also been various exhibits.

These are good signs amid worrying corona news of renewed lockdowns, quarantine rules for travellers, and so on... It is a time to prove our flexibility and ability to adjust to adverse situations, to make the best of a bad situation, and to keep moving ahead.

Best regards,

Markus Iseli,
Publishing Director

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