Extension of exhibitions

  10.07.2020 Local News

Due to the Corona shutdown, the Museum der Landschaft Saanen was not able to set up a new exhibition for the summer. Therefore, it decided to extend the Krishnamurti exhibition and the mountain guide anniversary exhibition over the summer season.

The opening days have been reduced until further notice due to the current situation. The museum is open from Thursday to Sunday from 2 to 5pm. Upon request group visits can also be arranged outside these days.

The museum recently received a work of art by Niklaus Gatschet as a loan from the Musée du Vieux Pays-d'Enhaut. Gatschet was bailiff of Saanen from 1791 to 1797. His work, Ansicht von Saanen 1796 (View of Saanen 1796) shows the village with the church at the centre. The long-term loan from the museum in Château-d'Oex testifies to the good relations between the two institutions.


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