Sportzentrum open again

  09.06.2020 Local News

The Sportzentrum was closed for three months. Yesterday it reopened its doors in compliance with the protection measures. "From the reactions and the booking figures I conclude that customers are again very much looking forward to doing sports with us", says Ruedi Kunz, managing director of Sportzentrum AG.

People who feel ill stay at home
Employees were instructed and work procedures were adapted to implement the protection concept. "Our protection concept is based on that of the Association of Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools", explains Kunz. It limits the number of visitors in the facilities. In the indoor swimming pool, for example, 191 people are allowed, in the group gymnastics room a maximum of 15 people.

As everywhere else, users are required to comply with the BAG recommendations. "We appeal to the personal responsibility of our customers," says Kunz. Distance must be kept and the other BAG rules are the top priority. Kunz also asks all customers who feel ill to stay at home.

However, there is no need to fear transmission of the virus in the swimming pool. "Since the addition of chlorine in the water kills the virus, there is no transmission of the coron virus", the managing director explains.

Open-air pools
The open-air swimming pool in Saanen will open next Saturday. According to weather forecasts, temperatures will rise only slowly, but at least it should get sunnier towards the end of the week. In Saanen, too, a protection concept has been worked out with a limitation of visitors.

The Gstaad Palace will open its open-air swimming pool on Friday, 3 July.

Financial consequences
The financial consequences of the lockdown and the currently limited operation are not yet foreseeable for the Sportzentrum. What is certain is that the current situation will result in major losses. With short-time work and other measures, Kunz hopes that the losses will remain manageable.

Based on AvS/Blanca Burri


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