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  05.06.2020 Magazine

Dear Reader

GstaadLife is about the change the way people can access articles online.

So far, the epaper, which has the same seasonal publication cicle as the print copy (four issues in summer and four issues in winter), required a subscription while all other digital content has been available free of charge. This has included most articles from the print issues, which have been released with some delay after the print and epaper publication. As from next Monday, 8 June, all digital content will require a subscription.

We serve a very specific audience, an international, multilingual readership with a deep interest in our region. We feel privileged that the Saanenland attracts so much interest and attention by visitors and – in particular – the many who have chosen to live here, part-time or full-time. These people – you – want to know what is happening in Gstaad, even when they are not here or when no print copy or epaper of GstaadLife can inform them. We have therefore increased the number and the length of online articles this spring with the aim of providing a more regular and fully-fledged stream of news throughout the year while.

Even before we knew that there would be more people staying in the region due to the corona pandemic, we had decided to extend the offer of news between the main seasons: more background information, more actuality, more politics, and more life from Gstaad. We have thus reached a larger audience, which encourages us to continue with this extended digital format. 

In order to keep up the cadence of articles and to keep you up-to-date throughout the year, we believe a paywall is justified. It is a means to be able to provide this service and to keep the magazine – print and online – alive.

Thank you for reading this, for reading GstaadLife on your screen or in print, and for your continuous support.

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Best wishes,

Markus Iseli

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