Elections in October

  12.06.2020 Local News

Philipp Bigler (FDP) does not stand for a second term as a member of the municipal council. He has not had enough of politics, but he lacks the time for his own business and new projects. He is also running for the presidency of the FDP Saanenland.

Four municipal councils re-electableThe president of the municipality, Toni von Grünigen, and the three municipal councillors Thomas Frei, Walter Heer and Hans Peter Schwenter are standing for a second term of office. This includes the president of the municipal assembly Louis Lanz and the vice president Albert Bach. Four SVP politicians are obliged to resign: Peter Brand, Therese Mösching, Vreni Müllener and Emanuel Raaflaub. They must be replaced.

Search for candidates has begun
The formal nomination of the SVP Saanenland candidates will take place at the party meeting on 29 June.

The FDP and FLP (Freie Liste Saanen, a coalition of the GLP and SP) are also looking for new candidates and are trying to fill their lists with eight names each. Hans Peter Schwenter is up for re-election for the FLP. Martin Hefti of the SP hopes they can bring a second candidate to the council.

Anyone can get elected
Not only the political parties, but every group, association, federation and individual person entitled to vote in municipal affairs can participate in the municipal elections with election proposals. Everybody with their political residence in the municipality of Saanen is eligible to run for office. The candidate and at least ten people with voting rights and their political residency in the municipality of Saanen must personally sign the election proposal. The deadline for submitting nominations is 3 July 2020.

Based on AvS/Blanca Burri

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