Clearance sale at Atelier für Buch und Bild

Thu, 11. Jun. 2020

At the end of July the Atelier für Buch und Bild in Gstaad will close its doors. Until then there will be a clearance sale and a special offer for framing, mounting and bookbinding.

"My brother Richard and I are lovers of individually bound books and special framings. We always stood behind the studio with a lot of passion", says Frank Müller. That's why the brothers were reluctant to make the decision to close the shop. The reasons for the closure are the pressure on margins and declining sales.

The elaborate manual work and the high-quality materials are major cost drivers. Richard Müller: "We very much regret this step and would like to thank all our employees for their dedicated efforts over the past 30 years.” The Müller brothers also appreciate the many years of customer loyalty. "We were able to do wonderful framings, book bindings and book restorations for them, which we will treasure".

Looking back
More than 80 years ago, the Buchdruckerei Müller as it was called at the time offered handcrafted bookbinding work, high-quality framing, book covers, cardboard work and much more. The craft was appreciated by customers from all over Switzerland, which is why the Müller company opened the independent subsidiary Atelier für Buch und Bild in Saanen. That was exactly 30 years ago. In the meantime, the business has moved to its current location at Kirchstrasse 7 in Gstaad.

Expertise, competence and creativity
Until her retirement, Rosemarie Moser managed the studio with great expertise and sensitivity. Since then Petra van Klaveren, who learned the craft from Moser, has been responsible for the small team consisting of Carole Reuteler and Anita Doppmann.

Special offers in June and July
In June and July, the Atelier für Buch und Bild grants up to 75 percent discount on shop products. Until the beginning of July, there is also a 20 percent discount on all framing, mounting and book covers.

The interchangeable frames, which were added to the range a few years ago, will continue to be sold at Müller Medien AG. In addition, Anita Doppmann is setting up a bookbinding studio in the premises of Müller Medien, which she will operate independently.

Atelier für Buch und Bild will remain open until the end of July. Until then, it will fulfill all customer wishes professionally and creatively.

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