New bridge

Wed, 06. May. 2020
A crane places the assembled bridge onto its foundation. (Photograph: Daniela Romang-Bieler)

Some readers may still remember when the old bridge was built in 1967. It had to be renovated for the first time in 1981. A recent inspection showed that it was in a bad condition. Only part of the old foundation could be reused for the new bridge.

The whole bridge is made of Swiss wood and is awarded the "Swiss Wood" label. About 30m3 of wood were used. Over 1000 individual parts were prefabricated in the workshop and then assembled on site. A pneumatic crane finally heaved the bridge on its foundation.

Philipp Becker, head of infrastructure at the municipal administration is confident that the bridge will be opened to the public in June. Then it will be used by pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders to cross the Saane.

Based on AvS/Daniela Romang-Bieler



Where is this bridge?
Thank you for your question. The information must have been lost in translation, as it were. The bridge crosses the river Saane near the Jugendzentrum Oeyetli and the Camping Saanen. It connects the Campingstrasse with the Oeyetliweg. You can copy/paste the following link to see the location in Google maps. The editor

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As I am writing this the noise from the icefield and tennis area should be entering my office.

At this time of year, the beach volleyball tournament should be in full swing. People in flip-flops and with flags to cheer on their team should be milling about in the Promenade.