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  20.04.2020 Coronavirus

Reader's question

We are wondering how the Corona situation really is here in Saaneland.

Some people tell us that there is hardly a problem here; others suddenly tell us about people who are badly infected; they even mention names of people that we know. In the Anzeiger we hardly read about the real situation; which makes us unsure. Then we hear that the measures will be less severe.

The coiffeur will reopen…..I cannot wait; but at the same time I am worried; I know friends who are clients there who have been suffering of the Corona Virus.

We try to isolate ourselves. We walk our dog every afternoon and try to find places where we hardly see any people. We enjoy the kind home deliveries from Schmid, the Molkerei and Early Beck. It is wonderful that they give this kind service!

We bought 12 Menuhin concert tickets but we only hope that the organisation will be wise and responsible enough to cancel this wonderful event. We hope that they will not go forwards for financial reasons.

They have to realise that many people attending come from abroad; they are the kind of people that travel and are socially very busy!!

The Organisations of other events have given a good example. We are not waiting for another outbreak.

GstaadLife replies

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I believe that many people feel the same way and wonder what exactly the situation is here in the region. 

We inform our readers as best we can, but unfortunately there is only very limited information that we can work with on a local level. Infection numbers for the administrative districts in the canton of Bern have only been available since the first half of April. And even those numbers only tell us that much, since they cover not only the Saanenland but also the Obersimmental as you can see in the article of 16 April. The hospitals are rather reserved with their information.

I also know of some acquaintances who were taken severely ill and am being told about others but all this knowledge is only anecdotal and does not suffice for a representative analysis. 

As you say, the easing of the measures gives some hope but – and in particular for people of high-risk groups – of course the risks do not just vanish into thin air and caution remains important. 

We will keep readers up-to-date about all the major events, including the Menuhin and the tennis tournament. 

Knowing that this does not answer much of the questions you have, I hope you see the difficulties we face providing more detailed information on the local situation.

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