Lockdown is extended by one week

  09.04.2020 Business

The Federal Council's measures have had an effect, explained federal president Simonetta Sommaruga yesterday afternoon. The number of infections will continue to increase, but the spread has been slowed down, said minister of health Alain Berset. These are good signs, but the situation is still delicate.

The lockdown will be extended by one week until 26 April, with gradual easing planned from the end of April onward. First of all, the areas with the most restrictive measures must be opened again, Berset said, "without the epidemic spreading again".

Seven percent unemployment possible
"The Federal Council is concerned about the effects of the virus on health", emphasised federal councillor Guy Parmelin, "but also about the impact on the economy." The scenarios are gloomy – up to seven percent unemployment could become reality. "We are therefore doing everything we can so that people in Switzerland can work despite the virus." Key measures for everybody to observer remain your hands regularly, keeping your distance and staying home over Easter.

Based on AvS/Anita Moser

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