Gradual easing of measures

  17.04.2020 Business

In a first stage, beginning on 27 April, the Federal Council will ease the measures for businesses with a small number of direct contacts since they can easily implement protection concepts and do not cause significant flows of people. The measures in the inpatient medical sector will be relaxed and hospitals will be allowed to carry out all interventions again. Similarly, outpatient medical practices will be able to resume normal operation and carry out all interventions again, including non-urgent ones. This covers dentist, physiotherapy and medical massage practices. This is also intended to prevent negative consequences that could arise if treatments and examinations are not carried out for a continued period of time.

Businesses offering personal services involving physical contact can also reopen, for example hairdressers, massage practices, tattoo studios and beauty salons. DIY centres as well as garden centres and florists may also reopen. In addition, unattended public facilities such as car washes can also reopen. Finally, the limitation to the close family circle at funerals will be lifted again.

From 27 April, the restrictions on product ranges in grocery stores will also be lifted. If goods for daily use and other goods can be found on the sales floor of the grocery stores, they may be sold.

Schools open from 11 May
In the second stage, compulsory schools, other shops and markets are to reopen from 11 May. The Federal Council will make its final decision whether to proceed with the second phase on 29 April.

Third stage on 8 June 2020
In a third step, secondary schools, vocational schools and universities will be allowed to resume face-to-face teaching again on 8 June. At the same time, entertainment and leisure facilities such as museums, libraries, botanical gardens and zoos are to be reopened and the ban on assembly relaxed. The Federal Council will decide on the details of this stage on 27 May. The Federal Council has not yet passed any decisions on further stages. It will decide at one of its next meetings when major events will be possible again.

As quickly as possible and as slowly as necessary
The transition from one stage to the next will be made when there has been no significant increase in covid-19 cases. Sufficient time must elapse between each stage to allow the effects of the easing to be observed. The criteria are the number of new infections, hospital admissions and deaths, and hospital occupancy rates.

The Federal Council urgently appeals to the population to continue to observe the distance and hygiene rules in the future. A ban on gathering more than five people is still in force for the time being.

Based on AvS/Anita Moser

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