What is allowed – and what is not?

Fri, 20. Mar. 2020

The federal council issued specifications to the measures issued on Monday. These are the most relevant points in summary.


Businesses and public places that must remain closed:

florist shops
driving schools
dog parlours (dog sitting that do not involve business premises are still allowed)
churches, synagogues, and mosques (meetings are not allowed, exceptions are funerals in the close family circle)
slaughter markets
cattle markets.

The following may remain open:

social institutions such as offers for handicapped people, contact points for homeless people or people with addiction problems and disability facilities (dormitories, day care centres and workshops)
sales shops of telecommunication providers
online trading (no business premises for the transfer of goods may be entered)
individual food market stalls
playgrounds for children (groups of more than five children must be avoided and parents and other adults must not meet in groups, while their children play).

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