Take-away offers as a reaction to the extraordinary situation

  20.03.2020 Coronavirus

"Stay at home" is the recommendation of the Federal Council. Going to work, to the pharmacy or to the doctor is allowed. So are the purchase of food and other needs for daily life. All other businesses must keep their doors closed since the lockdown of last Monday. This decision is a major break in the daily routine for regular restaurant visitors. Restaurants like many other businesses, are strongly affected by the lockdown and can only continue with adapted services.

Necessity is the mother of invention
We should all stay home now. But not everybody can cook. And maybe for a mother, who is currently a overburdened with homeschooling of the children and the new situation, it is a welcome change not to have to conjure up a balanced meal every day.

More and more restaurants in Saanenland are offering take-away food. In the Hotel-Restaurant Victoria, for example, customers can choose from a variety of pizzas, pasta or other dishes from 11.30am to 2pm and from 5 to 7pm, either by making an advance booking by telephone or directly on site. Since nobody is allowed to enter the restaurant, food is served in the winter garden, on the side of the main entrance to the restaurant.

Few hotel guests
Hotels are not affected by the lockdown at the moment. However, some hotels in the Saanenland have already stopped operations. "We have a few guests", sais Tommy Oehrli of the Victoria Gstaad. It is mainly hikers, motorcyclists or workers who are happy to find an affordable hotel bed. When asked how the hotel guests are catered for, the hotel manager replies: "Fortunately we have two dining rooms. So we can respect the necessary distances." However, guests are requested to leave the table as soon as possible after the meal to make room for other guests.

The situation is very unusual and many people would not understand why they cannot eat in the restaurant, but hotel guests can. "I expect that hotels will also have to close in the foreseeable future", sais Oehrli.

Surplus at beverage retailers
The temporary closure of restaurants and some hotels also affects suppliers. Some traders may now be left sitting on their goods, which are normally delivered daily to catering establishments in the Saanenland.

Schmid AG, the fruit, vegetable and beverage trader from Saanen, consequently launched a 50 percent promotion for fruit and vegetables the day before yesterday. "In the meantime, fortunately, almost all the goods have been sold", says managing director Sarah Schmid on request. In the future, only those goods will be ordered daily that are needed for regional grocery stores, private chalet guests or the company's own shop.

The situation is different in the Schmid AG beverage warehouse. "Since the mountain restaurants had to close earlier than planned, our warehouse is currently overcrowded," informs Sarah Schmid. "With a 20 percent campaign, we are trying to encourage the locals to buy drinks from us."

Based on AvS/Anja Moosmann

A continuously updated list of take-away offers in the Saanenland can be found on www.gstaadlife.com/crisis-services.html

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