Service on vehicles and sales still possible

  30.03.2020 Business

The lockdown decided by the Federal Council on 16 March resulted in the closure of over 700 sales outlets for the scooter and motorcycle industry throughout Switzerland. Moto Ambort GmbH in Feutersoey and Fredy's Bikewält in Gstaad, for example, are affected. But the automotive industry is also affected such as the Ledi Garage Feuterseoy AG.

Because many people are currently avoiding public transport to avoid exposure to the coronavirus, the industry association motosuisse has issued a press release expressly pointing out that the 700,000 or so motorised two-wheelers registered in Switzerland must be in optimum technical condition. Incidentally, this also applies to automobiles. "For this reason, it must be possible to visit a garage immediately and without hindrance in the event of necessary repairs, also for safety reasons," writes the industry association. New and contrary to the Federal Council's order of 16 March, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco) confirmed last Tuesday that the sales and delivery of vehicles are still be possible in principle but subject to compliance with preventive measures.

Collection and delivery service for motorcycles
"We have closed the showroom, but the workshop remains open," says Sven Ambort, managing director of Moto Ambort GmbH. Vehicles can be received and returned as usual. In order to be able to reach those customers who cannot bring their vehicles themselves, he has set up a pick-up and delivery service. This means that if a customer cannot bring his motorcycle to the workshop, it will be picked up and returned to the customer after the work is done. Accessories and clothing can also be picked up after prior telephone registration.

Bicycles in high demand
Fredy Wälti, managing director of Fredy's Bikewält, reports a marked shift to the in the first week of the lockdown. First it was the over 65-year-olds, then more and more nursing staff who had their bikes made ready for spring, and finally the repair orders for children's bikes had increased. "Fortunately, the repair shop is running quite well at the moment", says Wälti.

Bike sales are "not prohibited per se", according to 2rad Switzerland but restricted to online platforms or telephone consultation. Test rides are not possible. Of course they stick to the regulations, says Wälti.

Wheel change possible
The situation is similar for vehicles with four wheels: the workshops for repairs, wheel changes and bodywork remain open, showrooms do not. "In these difficult times, we are happy to take care of ensuring your mobility," says Hansueli Brand, business owner of Ledi Garage Feutersoey AG.

Based on AvS/Kerem S. Maurer

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