The Rütti garage closes in autumn

Mon, 09. Mar. 2020
The Rütti garage will be closed in autumn. The self-service filling station will remain.

Peter and Hansruedi Kübli have been managing the Rütti garage for 43 years. Recently they informed that the gates gates will close in autumn. Due to the current lack of a contract and the expected high requirements of AMAG, a potential successor has withdrawn and no other solution has been found.

VW has been represented in the Saanenland for 72 years. "In 1948 our father signed the first contract with VW", says Peter Kübli. Together with his brother Hansruedi, he managed the garage for the last 43 years. In a few months the doors of their family business will definitely close. The reason for this is a missing succession. The daughters of Peter and Marianne Kübli and the son and daughter of Hansruedi and Silvia Kübli are all active in other sectors. An internal potential buyer withdrew shortly before the contract was signed – for understandable reasons.

AMAG has terminated contracts
It is AMAG, among others, which makes life and the survival of its contractual partners difficult. "In April 2018, AMAG terminated all contracts throughout Switzerland because they no longer correspond to the current situation," explains Peter Kübli. The notice period is two years. This means that the commercial vehicle contract expires in October 2020, the contract for passenger cars already in April. To date, garage owners have not yet received a new contract.

Electrification is a new point in the VW passenger car contract. "The rather high requirements could be fulfilled", emphasises Peter Kübli. "But as a company you must also be able to support electrification wholeheartedly." VW has a few good vehicles on offer in Kübli’s view, "but no suitable commercial vehicle for our area", he explains his scepticism about the technology.

Also, the sale of new cars should only be handled by large dealers. In this category you have to sell well over 100 cars and have a large showroom.

All these reasons have contributed to the fact that the potential successor has withdrawn.

1500 letters sent
1500 letters were sent. "We have about 1,000 regular customers, add to this the chalet guests in winter. The rest are walk-in customers", explains Peter Kübli. Many customers have their summer or winter tyres stored in the garage. "There are around 1000 wheels", explains Hansruedi Kübli. "Unfortunately we will have to inform these customers that we will put their wheels in the boot after changing the next switching". Giving the customers advice is difficult at the moment. "No VW garage has a new contract yet." Peter Kübli assumes that numerous customers are at least considering a brand change. Especially in the commercial vehicle segment. "These are the customers who need their cars for work. They are dependent on a garage in the immediate vicinity."

Self-service gas station remains
The premises are to be rented out to other parties. The rumour mill has been boiling for some time, and the names of potential new tenants are also being passed around. There are two interested parties, say Peter and Hansruedi Kübli. It has been agreed not to disclose the names until the contract has been signed. Only this much can be elicited from them: "Both negotiating partners are neither from the car industry nor the fashion industry." And neither is interested in running the car wash. "What remains open is the filling station - as a pure self-service petrol station", says Hansruedi Kübli.

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Le garage et son très efficace service de lavage va nous manquer. Merci pour ces années de bons services.

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