One Kranich for one franc

Thu, 12. Mar. 2020

The regional currency Kranich will be officially launched on 21 March.

It will be officially launched in Bulle on 21 March: the new regional currency Kranich. 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 50 notes will be issued, valid from Bulle via the Pays-d'Enhaut to the Saanenland. A Kranich is traded at the rate of one Swiss franc. The supporting association Der Kranich has 170 members from all language regions, social classes, generations and political camps. Among them are 60 companies and seven municipalities - including Rougemont and Château-d'Oex - and 300 private individuals are potentially interested. In addition, numerous associations and organisations support the idea. The financing has been secured through crowdfunding. The federal government is also supporting the project within the framework of the support programme for sustainable development at local level.

Based on AvS/Martin Gurtner-Duperrex



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