Latest information from the RFO on the current coronavirus situation

Sat, 14. Mar. 2020

The regional crisis management group (RFO) has analysed the situation in the region on the basis of the latest information and measures taken by the confederation.

The RFO states that, in principle, the instructions of the confederation and the canton must be followed. It also draws particular attention to the following points:

  •     For medical questions, the hotline of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) is available on 058 463 00 00.
  •     In general, only those persons whose state of health makes it absolutely necessary to see a doctor should go to one. It is essential to make an appointment by telephone.
  •     Doctors only refer patients to an emergency ward or hospital if their state of health makes it absolutely necessary.
  •     Should self-isolation become necessary for persons living on their own, the RFO asks the population to provide neighbourly or family assistance.
  •     Those who have symptoms of a respiratory disease should not use public transport.
  •     People over 65 years of age should avoid using public transport during rush hours.

In the Saanenland, as everywhere else in Switzerland, attendance at all schools will be suspended from Monday 16 March 2020 until 4 April 2020. The following decisions were taken in agreement between the RFO and the school administrations of the municipalities of Saanen, Gsteig and Lauenen:

  •     The school management will contact the parents directly via the class teachers.
  •     Under certain conditions, childcare services will be organised.
  •     Lessons will take place in self-study at home.
  •     The pupils are given homework, which they have to do at home.
  •     School transport, lunch options and day school are discontinued.

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