Tom Price and Kris Lamba at Urs von Unger gallery

  21.02.2020 Arts & Culture

Two of the UK’s leading process driven artists share a curated collection of over twenty-five works displayed in one of Gstaad’s most prestigious gallery spaces. The collection, including sculpture, paintings, lighting and several collectible design pieces, focuses on the intimate relationship between the artists and the works themselves.

Both Lamba and Price are well known for works that challenge traditional artistic practice, choosing innovative and ground-breaking materials as well as techniques often developed in the artists’ own studios.

Tom Price’s recent Synthesis series is the study of a dialogue between two contrasting materials – resin and tar – and their negotiation for space and identity when forced to become a single unified entity. What appears to be petal-like inclusions are actually cracks and fissures created through a careful manipulation of the catalysing process of the resin.

Kris Lamba works with a variety of plant-based biopolymers, which he manipulates whilst still molten, often at extreme temperatures. Using a combination of great force, gravity and a pioneering technique of polymer-stretching, he creates otherworldly forms; shapes that defy convention and echo the spontaneous and often violent moments of interstellar creation.

The exhibition runs from 14 February until 7 March 2020.

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