Zukunft Saanen: The project

Thu, 09. Jan. 2020
Lorenz Kurtz of Planval presents the topics that will be followed up in the working groups. (Anita Moser)

The project Zukunft Saanen has taken a step further on. Eight topics have come to light and goals have now been defined for projects to be set up. Those who are interested can join at any time and get involved.

“Your presence shows that you care about how our community will develop in the future. You want to help and have an influence”, Toni von Grünigen welcomed the 60 or so people to the Landhaus. In the run-up to the event, people were invited by the municipality of Saanen and Planval to put forward their ideas and suggestions at the Alpine cheese market, the Gstaad trade fair, online, on Instagram or by email. “We’ve collected suggestions, observed and listened to people”, explained project leader Lorenz Kurtz from Planval.

Many positives
Listening to young people on the street and to regulars often gives the impression that things are not good in the Saanenland. However, this does not seem to be the case. Some pin boards had a striking number of posts expressing positive points such as a “great quality of life” or “we live in a wonderful place”. One visitor fully agreed: “We are very good when it comes to complaining.”

However, not everything in the garden is rosy: Racism, a two-tier society, poverty in old age, selling off the homeland, expensive shops and a lack of entertainment for young people are just some of the negative points mentioned.

Ideas, suggestions and wishes were plentiful, ranging from proposals such as generational housing, a seven-metre diving board, the Principality of Saanenland, a well-coordinated public transport system, a magnificent conference building, a biogas plant for using slurry, more bike trails, etc.

Affordable housing and climate protection
Red and yellow notes were posted almost exclusively for the theme of affordable housing. Not surprisingly, climate protection also attracted considerable attention. For example, light pollution and littering was criticised, and wishes posted for more recycling points or a nature reserve.

Eight topics are to be followed up
In the course of the morning, eight topics were prioritised: affordable housing, climate protection, tourism, location/place of residence, sports and leisure facilities, facilities for young people, transport, housing and life in old age, school and care. These are to be followed up and implemented through various working groups. Those present could sign up to join these groups.

An excursion and workshops
An excursion is planned for 25 January 2020. This is designed to inspire the working groups. “The working groups will meet for two workshops on 16 and 30 March 2020,” explained Florian Jakob from Planval. The aim is for each working group to devise two or three goals for development. These would then be publicly presented on 9 May and discussed with all interested parties. “So, people get the opportunity to contribute even if they have not yet been involved in the working groups.”

Anyone interested can still join the working groups at any time, said von Grünigen.

Based on AvS/Anita Moser
Translated by Justine Hewson




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