Threads – for a lasting connection

Tue, 21. Jan. 2020
Courtesy of Graff

A graphic design starring a web of interconnected diamonds, the Threads collection celebrates how stories are spun in a modern, ever-connected world, and the powerful connections made between our lives and loved ones.

Global influence
The Threads collection epitomises hyper connectivity. Fleeting moments that can change the course of fate forever, the social threads that pervade modern life, and the moments and memories that are shared across worldwide networks, have provided inspiration for this new collection.

“Threads reflects the pace of our modern life, we are increasingly more active, seemingly always on the move. Connections are almost instantaneous,” says Anne-Eva Geffroy, Design Director at Graff. “Our design perspective was to explore the meaning of all those crossing points, each of which is meaningful in our lives”.

Diamond design reimagined
This lattice of cool scintillation, crafted from pavé and custom-cut diamonds, translates these stories into criss-crossing jewels. Showcasing extraordinary flashes of bright white diamond fire, the pieces range from every day diamonds to high jewellery pieces.

Astral and angular, Graff’s designers have reimagined classic diamond setting, featuring stones set within spontaneous, geometric threads. Every delicate diamond bar is inextricably linked to the next, echoing the invisible bonds that link us all.

Everyday diamonds
While Graff is renowned for record-breaking diamonds and exceptional unique pieces, the petite and playful jewellery pieces translate these exquisite designs into a new range of accessible jewels. Minimalist strands form bracelets, necklaces and rings, featuring seemingly random compositions of stones; yet meticulously planned and artfully set at different angles. These pieces make exquisite gifts or symbolic tokens of affection, perfect for every day.

However, this striking collection also includes high jewellery pieces featuring precious diamonds and richly coloured gemstones. “We infuse each jewel with the same dedicated care and attention,” explains Geffroy. “In every high jewellery design, the stone is the star of the show. However, we are careful to maintain the same harmonious balance, impeccable proportions and elegant silhouette across the entire collection.”




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