The Chesery is to be sold

Mon, 13. Jan. 2020
The future of the famed Chesery is yet unknown. (AvS)

Marcus G. Lindner will only cook for one season in the Chesery. After the winter season, the restaurant will close. The future of the Chesery is still undecided.

In September, top chef Robert Speth said goodbye to the Chesery after 35 years (see profile interview in this edition) and handed over the wooden spoon to Marcus G. Lindner. Preparations for the upcoming season are in full swing. However, it will be the first and last under the watch of the top chef because the Chesery AG Gstaad is to be sold. “Sales negotiations are on-going,” confirmed Mario Moratti on behalf of the Chesery AG Gstaad on enquiry.

It is still unclear what will happen to the property after it is sold. It may be demolished, as rumoured in the media, and give way to a new building with luxury apartments. However, the concept will be up to the buyer to decide once the sale is completed and no secured information has been issued so far.

Daniel Koetser, owner of Le Grand Bellevue and tenant of the Chesery, says he regrets this development. However, the situation has emerged over the past few weeks, he says. Those in charge at the Chesery Gstaad AG had informed him of their intentions to sell. “We understand the reasons for the sale,” says Koetser. Basically, he would have liked to buy the Chesery. “We wanted to keep the Chesery in Gstaad with its important role, but the selling price was too high for us.”

Focus on the forthcoming season
Lindner will stay until the end of the season, after which things remain unclear for now, Koetser says, referring to the future of the top chef. It was too early for details. Now, the focus is on the upcoming season. “Hopefully, it will be the best season yet,” said Koetser. “We hope that everyone will come and support us for a grand finale.”

Based on AvS/Anita Moser
Translated by Justine Hewson



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