The smartest way to get to Gstaad

Mon, 16. Dec. 2019

The Jetfly Group companies are an ideal solution for all of your European flying needs.

The group encompassing three aviation companies, Jetfly, Fly7 and Captainjet, offers a wide range of options, including fractional ownership, aircraft management and jet charter.

Jetfly’s main function is fractional operation of Europe’s largest fleet of Pilatus PC-12 & PC-24 aircrafts. Due to the incredible performance of the Pilatus aircraft they are able to access 3000+ international airports as well as small airfields across Europe.

The fractional ownership programme offers co-owners guaranteed access to the entire fleet at short notice, anywhere in Europe and they don’t have to worry about the positioning costs as invoicing is based on occupied time in the aircraft.

If fractional ownership does not fit your needs, Fly 7 and Captainjet will offer alternative solutions; Fly 7, a Swiss operator, is the European leader in Pilatus management and charter, whereas Captainjet is a private jet booking platform, which has access to the world’s fleet of 5000+ registered jets.

The Jetfly Group has all of your bases covered!

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