Issue 8 | 2019

Tue, 31. Dec. 2019
Issue 8 | 2019

Do you care?

It is a sensitive topic in the Saanenland: health care. Locals and guests bemoaned the loss of the Saanen hospital – and some still do. At the same time, the looming problem of soon-to-retire GPs who might not find a successor for their practice is well-known. All attempts to make a significant move in health care have failed so far, which always feels like too many hours of hard work and too much money lost for nothing.

But now the good news. Plans are being worked on to which all involved parties agree. Local authorities, politicians, experts, and medics agree on the general direction the health care project must take. The approach seems sensible and down-to-earth. Certainly, these developments must make everybody happy and satisfy sceptics and doubters.

I admit, I was surprised and took the news in with a slight sense of disbelief. It sounded too good to be true. Everybody was agreeing and so happy about the developments of the last months. Is it possible?!

The sceptic in me says that there are still many hurdles ahead (not least financial ones) but I also hope that they will be overcome.

Best regards,
Markus Iseli



What wonderful news to start the New Year! Why not tell us a little more? Last year a friend of mine has been heliported thanks to Rega to the Insel Hospital in Bern and we both have been impressed by their professionalism, efficient management and state of the art medicine. The Insel Group has five satellite units and we also experienced Riggisberg, that was found as impressive. Doctors and probably patients, are dispatched between the hospital units according to the needs and available space. For Gstaad and the Saanenland, I can only wish that healthcare be trusted to the Insel. Such a well run University Hospital could open a new satellite in Saanen. A single Saanen health care or emergency unit has proven inefficient and in chronic deficit both financially and of doctors' attendance. An Insel satellite could be solving both the healthcare and the financial issues. This is my wish for 2020 !
Fri, 03. Jan. 2020 Many thanks for your interest! The detailed article can be found in the print magazine, the epaper on this website and, at a later stage, online on this website. Markus Iseli Editor in Chief

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