The Eggli brand new

Tue, 24. Dec. 2019
Facts and figures of the new Eggli cable car

As part of this immense construction project, the Eggli cable cars, the valley and mountain stations and the Berghaus are all being rebuilt.

While the stations and the cable car are ready for operation this winter, the Berghaus, which will be housing the restaurant and the private Club de Luge, won’t be ready until the following winter season. Catering facilities are still available on the mountain. Local chefs will cook in a converted snow groomer and two wooden chalets will serve as a buffet and kitchen for traditional food and Swiss specialties. The Fonduegondeli (refurbished cable cars), which are usually in use as regional ambassadors in Swiss cities, will offer cosy sheltered seating. Furthermore, the Snoasis, run by the Rialto in Gstaad, will also be serving meals and snacks as in previous years.


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New bridge

Some readers may still remember when the old bridge was built in 1967. It had to be renovated for the first time in 1981. A recent inspection showed that it was in a bad condition. Only part of the old foundation could be reused for the new bridge.