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Thu, 07. Nov. 2019
Rolf Schwenter, Flurin Riedi, Heinz Welten and Peter Ryter. (Anita Moser)

The Friends of the Rellerli Association has taken a decisive step forwards in planning a new cable car: The land for a valley station is available.

Heinz Welten stressed that he had the goal of spreading a calmer influence after his election as president of the association "Friends of the Rellerli" at the general meeting a year ago. Clearly, his new strategy has paid off. With the help of Peter Ryter, they soon made contact with Mountain View AG shortly after the last general assembly. Now, there’s a positive relationship with everyone involved, according to Welten.

From the club's point of view, they have taken a big step forward, according to Welten. "Mountain View AG assured us in writing that, following the purchase of the Rellerli valley station, it would give us 300m2 of land for a new valley station." The municipal authorities now have to work out a corridor for a new cable car route to follow. "This is a slow-burn exercise," emphasised the chairman several times, urging members to be patient. 

The outstanding budget was a subject of speeches. With a fortune of over CHF 60,000, there was the expectation of a rudimentary budget being submitted to the next meeting, as one member stated. Above all, goals need to be defined and further steps planned, added another. Rolf Keller showed understanding for the concerns raised, even though these would be tricky to implement, because, to a large extent, control over this is determined by others and dependent on external influences.

The franchise for the existing railway cannot be renewed, the route is no longer viable and the BDG has had to cancel the cable car, Welten said, answering a question from the plenary session. Therefore, they don’t foresee the rehabilitation of the existing railway.

Following the meeting, Flurin Riedi, managing director of Gstaad Saanenland Tourism since July, answered questions from Rolf Schwenter, president of the village organisation Schönried. Thanks to its position in terms of altitude, all-year-round tourism is much easier in the Gstaad area than in a high-alpine region, emphasised Riedi. The Rellerli offers potential, but taking an overall view of the whole area is the most important for the tourism destination, he stated.

Based on AvS/Anita Moser
Translated by Justine Hewson



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As I am writing this the noise from the icefield and tennis area should be entering my office.

At this time of year, the beach volleyball tournament should be in full swing. People in flip-flops and with flags to cheer on their team should be milling about in the Promenade.