Earthquakes felt in the Saanenland

Thu, 14. Nov. 2019
The image shows the epicentre and intensity of the earthquake at 2am.

According to a report by the Swiss Seismological Service (SED) of ETH Zurich, several earthquakes shook the region around Sion during the night of 5 November. Sanetschpass was the epicentre of the quakes.

The Swiss TV channel SRF stated that several earthquakes were registered north of Sion last Tuesday night. This information was obtained from the Swiss Seismological Service (SED). With magnitudes of up to 3.3 on the Richter scale, vibrations were even felt in the Saanenland.

A rare spate of earthquakes
Philipp Kästli, seismologist at the SED, said that several quakes had been recorded in the same region. Experts call this a seismic swarm. In the 48 hours following Tuesday night, well over a hundred tremors were recorded around the Sanetschpass epicentre. This frequency is rather unusual, according to Kästli.

The two strongest quakes in the region were definitely felt by some. Shortly before 2am and also at 4.30am, quakes with magnitude of 3.3 were registered at a depth of about 4.7 kilometres. 

According to the SED, Valais has the highest earthquake risk as a region, then Basel, Graubünden and the St. Gallen Rhine Valley.

While some people felt nothing when the earthquakes took place, others were awakened by the tremors. Interviewed residents in Gsteig, Feuterseoy and Grund near Gstaad said they felt the tremors. However, residents in Saanen, Schönried, Rougemont and St. Stephen didn’t have anything to report. Finally, a Lenk resident said that he’d sensed the tremors when they took place.

Based on AvS / Jenny Sterchi
Translated by Justine Hewson




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