A cheerful anniversary evening in Lauenen

Fri, 22. Nov. 2019
Many generations are represented in the ranks of the 28-strong Lauenen Yodelling Club. (Jenny Sterchi)

The Lauenen Yodelling Club celebrated its 25th anniversary with the presentation of its first CD "Es viertel Jahrhundert" in front of a huge audience.

André Würsten and Michael Reichenbach, both singers in the Lauenen Yodelling Club, presented unexpected talent with entertainment on the anniversary evening. Engaging presentations and amusing interview questions put to the musicians that evening went hand in hand with a performance in the Lauenen civic hall, leaving no seats empty. Alongside all the musical performances during the event, the anniversary evening was very successful.

An anniversary CD
During the evening, it became apparent that the conductor of the Lauenen Yodelling Club, Ueli Perreten, had resisted making a CD for quite some time. "Not because he didn’t trust us," added president Stefan Annen, when asked. "Rather, he was aware that this would be a very laborious and time-consuming business." 

The club’s 25th anniversary and the motivation of the members to practice for a studio recording finally persuaded Perreten to tackle the CD project. After over 100 hours of work that all those involved invested in the recording, the rewarding end product was in their hands last Saturday.

Yodelling duo Geschwister Perreten, accordion duo Hählen-Perreten and the band Sulzbuebe Lauenen supported the yodelling club both in the CD production and on the actual jubilee evening.

Time to take stock
That evening, the club took the opportunity to honour their first honorary member. Founder Markus Perreten, who in 1994 had found enough people to fulfil his wish for a yodelling club in Lauenen, laid the foundation for the 25-year history. That was reason enough to give him the honorary membership.

The recording itself and its festive evening can be congratulated based on how many guests approved the programme. People from Lauenen and their guests celebrated this success well into the night.

Based on AvS / Jenny Sterchi
Translated by Justine Hewson


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