Vandalism at the mirror house in Schönried

Fri, 18. Oct. 2019
Manure smeared on the front of the mirror house. (Willy Aegerter)

At the weekend, unknown perpetrators smeared the mirror house with liquid manure.  

The Bern canton police received a report on Sunday 13 October just before 12.30pm to say that the Mirage Mirror Chalet in Gstaad had been contaminated. On site, the exterior facades of the building and the roof have been smeared with slurry and manure by unknown perpetrators. Also, on one side of the building a flower paper figure had been stuck on. This has now been removed. The resulting property damage can’t yet be valued. Due to the nature of the building and the costly cleaning, it’s likely to involve significant costs. The Bern canton police force has immediately started looking into the matter and investigations are in progress.

Based on AvS / Sonja Wolf
Translated by Justine Hewson



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