Overnight stays are up by 9.5%

  14.10.2019 Business

"The summer of 2018 was successful, but the summer of 2019 was even better," writes the destination in a press release. So it isn’t just the weather that makes visitors happy to come to Gstaad. Compared to the months of May to August over the 2018 hot summer, 2019 saw a 9.5 per cent increase. Once again, the seasonal campaign focusing on the Wispile-Lauenensee hiking experience was a highlight this year and was very well received. This led to a significant increase in trips on the Wispile mountain railway and a high demand for hiking. 

Events bring great added value
For years, Gstaad has been known for its special summer events. "Once again, events held in Gstaad were a true highlight this season," the press release continues. The biggest event that took place in Gstaad this summer was the Swiss Orienteering Week, with 3,359 participants from 32 nations and around 470 helpers taking part.

Premiere of the sales event Gstaad Invites
Although not fully open to the public, Gstaad Invites was still a highlight. For this event, Gstaad collaborates with buyers and tour operators, as well as luxury hotels in the region, inviting people from all over the world, with twenty-one participants coming from 16 different partners in 10 different countries. Held from 29 August to 1 September, this is an opportunity got to know the destination really well and positively promotes the good reputation of Gstaad right across the world. Next year, the event is scheduled to take place again.

Mountain railways continue along the route to success
Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad AG (BDG) has also experienced a successful summer. Compared to last year, this summer over 22 per cent more customers used the Rinderberg, Horneggli, Wispile and Videmanette cable cars. Now’s the time to really look forward to the new Eggli cable car opening at the start of the winter season.

The summer season runs until the end of October
The golden colours of autumn are lovely in the region and attract many visitors to the Gstaad mountains. The railways are partially open until the end of October. This is the perfect time to enjoy e-biking and hiking trips.

Based on AvS/Anita Moser
Translated by Justine Hewson

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